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Example “Expansion”.

Exploring new markets.

A large Australian retail organization had asked for my assistance with their European market entry. Owing to my knowledge of local conditions and requirements, I was able to act as a bridgehead thus smoothing the path for this corporation. Following extensive market analysis, the enterprise was presented with a sound financial concept. Firmly based on an administrative structure according to applicable law and regulations, the company was then established. Possible locations were suggested and acquired, staff was hired, experts and suppliers joined together. Owing to this thorough groundwork, the business was well prepared to conquer new terrain. Meanwhile, it is successfully operating 55 retail outlets in Germany.

As a direct result of Business Navigation, the corporation is now operating independently within the structural framework I had proposed. During an initial development phase, I was involved as consultant and advisor in terms of contract negotiations for example. At present, I am advising the corporation in ongoing consultancy matters and I am acting as a sparring partner for topics like business development.

Tasks performed:
– Financial concept
– Administrative accounting
– Human resources
– Acquisition of real estate
– Tax consultancy
– Contract negotiation