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Currently performed tasks in Business Navigation include:

Interim Management
A globally active corporation spontaneously released their regional management for Germany and continental Europe. In order to maintain stability within the team and in the direct environment, I was being asked to perform as Interim Manager. I fully devote myself to this task. Apart from managing the office, stabilizing and securing processes, it is part of my job to headhunt for a suitable manager. In terms of this, I am in the process of creating an applicable profile together with the team -I am confident this will turn out just great.

Supervising the application of funds
A company issuing enterprise capital funds approached me with the request of assuming supervision of their respective funds. In close cooperation with Junga GmbH and with the help of an associated tax consultant / business administration graduate, I did set up the structure for application of funds and I am performing the supervision of enterprise capital funds accordingly. This is a very enjoyable task.